Witch Trials In American Colonies

+ European Immigrants

When Europeans immigrated to America they continued to practice their beliefs and lifestyles. Generally, they were Catholic or Protestant. Immigrants from England brought with them the British criminal justice courts. The sentence for 200 accusation or offenses was death. This governmental system was to blame for many of the hanging and executions during the witch trials.
Salem, was one of the unfortunate areas effected by the hysteria. As written in "The Crucible", young girls screamed witch, leading to the fear of the supernatural existence. As more and more girls accused the people of the town, the fear grew until it took over the town.
Cotton Mather, a Puritan pastor wrote, "children which lie, must go to their father the devil, into everlasting burning".

(Cotton Mather)

This site has records of accused witches across North America

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