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New York Times best sellers+ Independent Reading-Natalie

This site gives a summary of Sarah Dessens books-Emily

Sarah Dessen-Emily

List of Young Adult Authors-Emily

New Teen Books-Natalie

The Warrior Heir-Kate D

Facts About Reading~Annie Jones
This web site shows examples of how reading helps you and your brain. It has different lists on why reading is important.

The Effects of Independent Reading on Reading Achievement~Annie Jones
This web site also show why and how reading is important for you in school.

The New York Times Best Sellers! -Kaitlin
These are the best books of the time, books that are so widely bought and read that the New York Times has decided to make note of them. But what is this? In the "paperback" section, the number one book is…a romance novel?

Project Options~Cassie
This shows different projects and ways to show what you learned from your independent reading book.

New York Times best sellers~taylor j

USA Today Bestsellers! -Bailey
Best selling books according to USA Today.

Read Write and Think -Bailey
This shows some ideas for teachers (that could help us students also) on what to do for reading projects.

Good Teen Books~Cassie
These are books that teens can understand and comprehend.

How To Write a Romance Novel -Kaitlin
Here's how to write your perfect romance novel, filled with suspense and danger and true love.

Award winning books-Becca
This site lists every possible book award, who got them and what year

How to become an accomplished writer-Becca

Effects of Independent Reading-Natalie

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muggles ~johnny1995

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