Torturing The Accused

Have you ever broke a bone? How about dislocated a joint? If you have you probably know how bad it feels. But imagine breaking bones or dislocating your figure by being deliberately bashed, distorted, or pulled apart. These were forms torture to get one to confess to the crime of witchcraft. The wheel and rack, usually a wagon wheel, was frequently hit into ones rib cage, breaking and fracturing them into pieces.


If you could hardly read those few agonizing sentences, don't read on.

That was only the wheel. The rack was invented to stretch the body apart in ways to dislocate joints throughout your skeleton. The screams of pain hardly covered up the popping. Sometimes the torture was increased to gouging of the eyes, or branding. Even as if they weren't in enough pain, they would tear or cut of ones ears, tongue, nose, or other body parts. As mentioned in another page, Giles Corey, a local in Salem, was pressed to death, his tongue bulged out from the weight.
The wheel and rack were external torture instruments effecting the bones, muscles, and joints, but the intestinal crank was a incision in the abdomen. It was an attachment to the upper part of the thin intestine that was also connected to the crank. The victim is conscious. I warned you.

Silence was the best way to stay alive during this period of time. Those who opposed the insinuations were generally thought to be trying to save themselves. As if they to were the devils worker.

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