Tom Robinsin

Tom Robinsin is accused of raping a white woman. Atticus Finch (Tom's layer, and the single parent of Scout -Jean Louise-and Jem Finch) takes on the case, because he believes that theres has been a serious miscarrage of justice. Given the "cold shoulder" by their neighbors, the Finch's are welcomed into the black community, along with Scout being amazed by the feeling of cohesion and happiness that this poor, oppressed people are able to "muster". When the time of the trial comes, Atticus tries to prove the the girl (Mayella Violet Ewell) that Tom is accused of raping actually seduced him, and that the injuries to her face were caused by her father (Bob Ewell), angry that she tried to sleep with a black man.


Atticus Finch and Tom Robinson

Mayella Violet Ewell (sitting in the chair)
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