The Midgard Serpent

the midgard serpent was a massive snake from Norse mythology that plays and important part in the apocalypse or Ragnarok, as it was known to the Norse. the serpent was named Iormungand, and was the child of Loki (the god of trickery), and the giantess Angroba. one of three, her siblings were Hel (with means death), and Fenris the wolf. Thor and the Serpent had a long and raging hate for each other, which would only end with the serpent's death during Ragnarok, in which Thor would kill her, only to in turn be killed by her death throes. for more information on the gods and creatures mentioned above see: Loki, Hel, Fenris, Thor
or for info about the norse end-world vision, Ragnarok.

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