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Final Project Information

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Helpful Tips

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(Friday, May 29, 2009)

1.) Finish all tasks.

2.) Complete reflection and project completion sheet. HAND IN!

3.) Visit and browse sites and links. You're finished with the project!


(Thursday, May 28, 2009)

You should have all received a rubric for this project several days ago. Please read this carefully and use this when editing your pages.

1.) Today, you should create a third subject page in your unit (if you didn't finish this last Friday). This can be a topic from the list that you posted in discussion at the beginning of this project, or it can be another idea you have had while browsing other pages.

2.) You should also edit your three pages. Please check to make sure that you have included links that use anchor text (URL Wizard), pictures, clear explanations, and that you have experimented with other features in the editing toolbar (bold, underline, italics, etc…).

3.) You should also edit 8 pages that are not yours. Please explain your changes in the box that says "short description of changes."


Short description of changes:
changed link to include anchor text, corrected spelling

4.) We will be finished with this project on Friday. Please comb through your subject page carefully to make sure that it is organized in the most logical way possible, that there aren't "dead" pages, that the information contained within the subject is accurate. You are not only responsible for your pages, but also for the pages in the unit you chose.

Remember, the goal of your pages are to educate classmates or future 8th graders about topics in this unit.

This will also help me to see what you think is important or interesting and how much you learned this year in class and on your own.

If you finish early…

If you have really caught onto this website, please complete the tasks and either…

  1. Edit pages. (Correct spelling, mistakes…)
  2. Help your classmates.
  3. Add additional related content to your unit page.
  4. Add additional content to a lonely page that doesn't have many users.
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