War mythology is my favored kind of mythology because it is about war. As you know many people make movie about war mythology the movies like 300 and TROY are some of the big ones. The Spartan stared there training at the age of 7 they were taken from their mothers. They are trained to kill. At the age of 16 the have to kill a slave and not get cot by any one. At 20 they were soldiers and had to marry some one they also got land from the state but had to do nothing to it slave farmed it so the Spartan could still be a soldier. At the age of 30 they could live with their family. And at the age of 60 they had to retire from the military. The girls also had to leave at the age of 7. They had to go to school and learn how to wrestle and fight.
If you past your citizen test you were assigned a husband of a wife. This happened at the age of 18-20. They married and closer to the age of their husbands. Marrying later than other Greek women, the Spartan women produced stronger children.

History of Ancient Sparta

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