This book is a very intresting a quick changing book.This book is about a thirteen year-old girl named Lakshmi who lives with her family in a small hut in the mountains of Nepal. Since her family is very poor she is sold to a family to be a maid to give her family money, so she thought… But, after her long journey to India with an old woman named Mumtaz, she finds out she is sold to a place called, "Happiness House." When inside she finds out, she was sold into prostitution. While in there, she endures, to her complete torcher.
The story may not be on a true person, but the sex trade is very true it is still a problem in and by India and it is something people don't really notice is a problem. But, it is.

This site talks about the book and it has a link to the author's page. So this page has most of the information needed.

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