Proving Witchcraft

If testifying that someone inflicted another using witchcraft wasn't enough than the accuser would have to prove their statement. The methods used to “prove” that one was a witch were the easy ways out of the hysteria. Without the suspected witches the Puritan community would be at peace again, hopefully.
Officials used torture as one of their techniques to make them confess. Strangely, the accused who confessed escaped the noose.
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Pressing of stones and/or choking was used as ways to make the defendants plead guilty or not guilty to the crime. Giles Corey, an 80 year old man, suffered and died by being pressed to death. At one point his body was under enough pressure that his tongue burst out of his mouth. He never said anything but, "more weight".
Besides confessing, it was used for testing a witch. The community tried to drown them, poke them with sharp objects, or throw them off cliffs, in which if they lived or did not bleed they were a witch but if they did not they were innocent.
"Witch marks" were searched for on the defendant's bodies. They were generally moles or bumps on the skin that seem out of place or mysterious. Pins would be poked into this markings and if the defendant did not seem in pain they were guilty.

Some of the accused were executed simply because they were accused. The afflicted girls acted as if they were cursed, frightened, or mentally unstable. They hid under furniture, randomly yelped in pain or had fits. They also claimed that they had seen the accused witch or witches come into their houses or bedrooms; hallucinations to reason with their case. The accusers were generally young girls or teenagers who are now thought to have been bored or trying to get attention.


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