Poetry is something that should come naturally. It should be from the soul. It's like when you hear a singer/songwriter perform a song very well. The people that perform the best are often the people that sing with soul. The song means something to them. They are attatched to it. That's how poetry should be. It should be something that attatches to people, something that they can relate to or something that they can't relate to so they make their own story of it.
Most people think of poetry as just rhyming words or Haikus. Well poetry can often be funny or touching. Poetry doesn't have to rhyme or have a certain amount of syllables in each line. Poetry is like a song in a certain way. It has a meaning and takes you back to where you have already been or somewhere completely new.

The Person I Long To Be
Victoria A. Mogyorosi

The day light breaks again
Another day has begun.

But still no sleep has come.
My body is weary

My mind overworked.
I lie awake thinking

But what I am unsure.
I need to break free from the cycle I endure.

Everyday is the same and the nights are undistinguished.
I feel as though I am being pushed along with the tide

Unable to break free from the everyday flow.
This is not me I need to change, before time takes over

And I am unable to change.
I need to be freed from the grasp of ordinary

And become that person I have always longed for.
Express myself in every way, and conquer the dreams as I lie awake.

Then I may fall asleep and put my mind to rest.
Make changes in my life and help those in need.

I would like to touch everyone's life in a positive way
And leave my mark on society before I fade away.

Items that make a good poem:

1. Put feeling in it. Make the reader feel like they have been there before.

2. Good word choice. Make sure that your poem uses words that fit the topic.

3. Somewhere you've never been. Make it new to the reader, somewhere they've never been.

4. Mystery. Make the reader wonder. Make them read it again and again to figure it out.

5. Something new. Make it something the reader has never experienced.

6. Imagery. Make it so the reader has a vivid picture in their mind while reading.

7. Change the ordinary. Make the ordinary into something extrodiary.

8. Flow. Make the reader read it like a song. It should flow like a river.

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