It took me 3 days to find info about this creature. All that i could remember was 2 things, it was an Egyptian crocodile, and it had jewels leading to 2 spikes that shot a beam of sunlight (extreme sunburn). Petsuchos was the name given to the live crocodile at Crocodilopolis in Ancient Egypt, which was worshiped as a manifestation of the Egyptian god Sobek. The name Petsuchos means "son of Sobek", as the Ancient Egyptian word "pet" has a meaning of "son" or "offspring". Petsuchoi were worshipped as gods, and were adorned with jewels and gold. When the Petsuchos died, it was replaced by another. Their carcasses were mummified, like those of pharaohs and high priests. Weird. If it doesn't show up, it's because of the school's WiscNet block.

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