Zeus was the god of all gods. He lived in Mount Olympus and in the heavens. Zeus is always seen with a thunderbolt but he would not use it on enimies. He does tend to get in trouble over love affairs, and can aso be moody. Zeus is the son of Cronos and Rhea. Cronos had been told by prophesy that he would be overthrown by his son. So each time a child was born, Cronos would swallow it. However, when Zeus was to be born, Rhea decided that she would avert this. She gave birth to her son, and hid him in a basket under a tree. She then wrapped a stone in a cloth and gave it to Cronos, who immediately swallowed it. After Zeus grew up he forced his father to spit out the swallowed children by cutting Cronos’ stomach open. Thereafter was a war in which Zeus overthrew his father and became the King of the Gods. Zeus was married to his sister Hera. He had children with her as well, such as Ares. But then Zeus was also interested in other women.

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