My sister's keeper

My sister's keeper is one of my favorite books of all time. I think the reason why I like it so much is that I didn't expect the ending. This book made me cry, one reason is because it's sad, the other is because I didn't believe what had happened. The book my sister's keeper by Jodi Picoult is becoming a motion picture this summer starring Abbigail Breslin and Carmen Diaz. I can't wait to watch it but I know if it was half as good as the book was it will become one of my favorite movies. I insisted on giving my mother the book before the movie because I won't let it spoil the book's fantastic ending.

The story is about a young girl who holds a court case against her parents to be alowed to design on her own medical surgery. Since she was born she has been used by her parents to be a downer for her older sister who is faced with cancer.

The book has multiple view points on this one situation. It goes from the lawyer who was hired for the case to the desider for the judge to the oppinions of a mother and father about to lose their child, to a brother who takes advantage of the opportunity to go unnoticable, to the decision of a thirteen year old girl tired of being used and not loved.

To me it is one of those books were I will read over and over again, through my life and will never get tired of. I always request books to people based on their personality. I find a book that may help them because the charector and the reader share the same sticky situation. This book, though I will request to anyone because it covers so many problems of love and hate and hope that I don't believe anyone hasn't had one of the problems that are mentioned.

Before I read this book I heard good reviews and bad ones. Not everyone wants to read this book and I don't blame them for it. Sometimes you're not ready for being faced with past experiences, such as my aunt. My aunt had a best friend who had died at the age of 21 by cancer. She won't read this book because it will remind her of what she has lost. It's hard thing to face and I understand that. You shouldn't start this book if it's too big of a reminder. I do encourage you to read the book but I don't want you to start it because you're afraid and you want to know what you might have to face. This book is breathtakingly genious but it is also goes down deep, and if you are not ready to take the chance of opening something hidden up, don't read it.

The book will bring tears and understanding of what you feel and how others feel about the problems that face us and the way they tear us apart. It is clasic book in my library and I plan to read it over agin, just like a favorite movie, you can't seem to stop opening up the cover and plugging into a world where every moment matters.

"The author vividly evokes the physical and psychic toll a desperately sick child imposes on a family, even a close and loving one like the Fitzgeralds… there can be no easy outcomes in a tale about individual autonomy clashing with a sibling's right to life, but Picoult thwarts out expectations in unexpected ways… a telling portrait of a profoundly stressed family." —Kirkus Reviews

“This beautifully crafted novel will grab readers with its stunning topic…Now go discuss it with your book club.” —PEOPLE magazine

“It is difficult to find a book combining a timely moral dilemma with well-drawn characters for whom one cares. Picoult has written such a book.” —The Boston Herald

“This new novel is by far her best achievement, and a leap forward in her literary oeuvre.”

“Picoult explores a complex subject with bravado and clarity, and comes up with a heartwrenching, unexpected plot twist at the book’s conclusion.” —Publisher’s Weekly

“Expect to be kept up all night by Picoult's latest novel, but it's much more than a page-turner; it's a fascinating character study framed by a complex, gripping story… Told in alternating perspectives by the engaging, fascinating cast of characters, Picoult's novel grabs the reader from the first page and never lets go. This is a beautiful, heartbreaking, controversial, and honest book.”
—Starred Review, Booklist

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