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To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

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About the novel

About the author

about the book

about the book

looking into the book


Atticus Finch

Scout Finch

Boo Radley

Mayella Violet Ewell

Jem Finch

Heck Tate

Scout Finch

Charles Baker Harris (Dill)

Bob Ewell


Jem Finch

finch family jacob holler
Judge Taylor

Tom Robinsin-Rachel G.


The Great Depression

The Civil Rights Movement

Great depression- Maddie

Opinion's on the book

My Opinion on the Book-John Page

Opinion On The Book L I Z

Movie Version of "To Kill a Mockingbird"


To Kill A Mockingbird
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jem finch Jacob Holler
[[[boo radley Spark Notes on Boo Radley]]] -Jacob Holler

To Kill A Mockingbird Characters
Find out more about the characters and who they really are.
The Book-Rachel G.

[] -Taylor Nealis
This is teaching you about the Mockingbird.

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