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Greek Mythologyzeus - River (Dwight) this has some really good info about zeus

What is mythology?

Mythology Site



Egyptian Mythology
Indian Mythology -kate D

War Mythology

Favorite Stories from Mythology


Greek Mythology

Mythology Stories ~Alaina L

Greek Gods ~Alaina L

Greek Mythology Characters and Family Tree ~Maddie B.

Egyptian Mythology- A description of Egyptian Mythology and the Gods/Goddesses worshipped. ~ Maddie ~Alejandro B. ~Allison E.

Greek Mythology ~Allison E.

Goddesses ~Allison E.

More Greek Mythology ~Allison E.

Mythology ~ John W.

The basics of mythology ~ John W.

Greek Mythology Site ~ Zander, Basically this site just describes Greek mythology and it's creatures. It's pretty useful.

Academic info~Max: It lists off several different books about myths.

Roman Mythology Wiki ~ Zander, this is a wikipedia page, however it's really good for Roman mythology. It talks about the time period, the creatuers, and gives an overview of the story.

Ancient Mythology Site ~ Zander, this site is really easy to use, and displays in detail 8 different forms of mythology.

Foldstory~Max: It tells several different stories about worldwide myths and/or legends.

Homer and the Iliad It's max's

Homer and the Odyssey

Which is better?~Max's

Creatures ~Alex B's (not max's)

mythology - River (Dwight) i chose this because i thought it had good info on mythology

the age of fable- Spencer(Kobe) I chose this becasue it tells some good information about fable and all the gods and goddesses.

gods- Spencer(Kobe) It gives info about gods.


myths- Anya. it gives good info about mythology..

gods & heros- Anya. it again gives great info about now greek mythology.. G. This site lets you see the Gods, Heroes, whats new today in greek mythology, and an encylopedia, etc. With every person that you click on to learn about, there is either a picture of them or an animation of what they did to be reconized. G. This site gives you not just good infermation but mythology that we have never heard about!!!! :)

Age of Mythology-Scott


(((Artemis))) - Taylor Nealis

Ragnarok))) - Taylor Neals Roman Gods - Ry

god names-Rachel G.


Poseidon - River Lee

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