Just A Fantay

She had been yelling at "Charlie" for hours, it had seemed. Charlie was a three year old boy with wavy red hair and many freckles. He had been steeling her ice cream scooper and hiding it for what had seemed like hours. She believed his name was Charlie, that's what his parents had said as they left. What kind of parents just left their kid in an ice cream parlor? It wasn't her job to babysit him, she wasn't even getting paid for it.
"Charlie! Why don't you go play tag, or some other game? Just don't run around and make a huge mess that I'll have to clean up later. Now give me back my ice cream scooper." She screamed. Glinda had left her in charge for the day because of her daughter's wedding.
"This is funest." he replied.
"Most fun." She said automaticly. It was a lesson she had learned from Bailey. Since Bailey was an english major she had gotten a lot of crap about her grammar over the years. "Come on Charlie do you ever get tired of something?"
"Yeah," he says sitting down on a stool. He was still holding the scooper.
"When is your parents coming back?"
"Don't know." Now if he would of said that in Mr. Wimble's class he would be off to the office.
"Do you want some ice cream?" she asks.
"Yeah, I just need my ice cream scopper back." She gives out her hand in a taking motion.
"Why don't you use that one?" he points to the extra one. It was made out of plastic, covered in duct tape to keep it togther.
"Because the one you're holding is biggwer, so there's more ice cream for you."
"Not look different."
"But they are. Do you want more ice cream or less ice cream?"
"Mowe ice cweam." he says as he hands her the scooper.
"Thank you, now what do you want?"
"With cookie dough." he points to the case of toppings. "Oh, and mnm's"
After giving him his ice cream the game of hide and seek was finally over. So she watched the little red headed boy quietly as he ate his chocolatey dessert and fall asleep on the bench near the window. She waited there all night, watching over him, till his parents came back to get him the next morning. How could she know? That she would grow to love and cherish that little boy who held a secrit. Charlie was born with a hole in his heart.

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