Information About The Salem Witch Trials

The Accusers

  • Betty Parris
  • Abigail Williams
  • Ann Putnam
  • Elizabeth Hubbard

General Information:

The Girls accussed multiple people, and even in surrounding villages not just in Salem itself. The witch trials were a very bad moment in Salem village, and will always be remembered for it's deaths and accusations and the stories that go along with these accusations. There are many stories that differ greatly from one another. Some people say that the witches had to do test such as put rocks on their ankles; if they float they are witches, if they sink they are not and they will live. However, there is no historical evidence to these happenings. There was however one man who was pressed to death with stones, but other than that, the deaths are assumed to be mostly hangins, except for those who died in prison due to awful conditions.


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