Homer And The Iliad

For those of you who don't know who Homer is, your going to be very confused because i'm not going to type about him. The Iliad and the Odyssey trilogy is the most famous books and stories of his. The book the Iliad is divided into 24 different books. This is merely a summary. It's a fascinating book even though some parts are hard to understand with the 's and the Thy's and stuff like Shakespear.

According to Wikipedia

* Book II: Testing Greek resolve, Agamemnon feigns a homeward order; Odysseus encourages the Greeks to pursue the fight; see the “Catalogue of Ships” and the “Catalogue of Trojans and Allies”.
* Book III: In a truce, Paris and Menelaus meet in single combat for Helen, while she and King Priam watch from the city; Aphrodite rescues the over-matched Paris, yet Menelaus is the victor.
* Book IV: The Greek-favouring Athena provokes a Trojan truce-breaking and battle begins.
* Book V: In his aristeia (battle supremacy), Diomedes, aided by Athena, wounds Aphrodite and Ares.
* Book VI: Glaucus and Diomedes do not fight each other, and swap armour; at Troy, Hector bids farewell to his wife, Andromache, and their son.[7]
* Book VII: Hector battles Ajax; Paris offers restitution — but not Helen.
* Book VIII: Zeus orders divine withdrawal; Hera and Athena defy him; the war favours Troy.
* Book IX: The “Embassy to Achilles”: Agamemnon sends Odysseus, Ajax, and Phoenix to Achilles for help, who spurns the offered honours and riches.
* Book X: The “Doloneia”: Diomedes and Odysseus kill the Trojan Dolon, and effect a night raid against a Thracian camp.
* Book XI: Paris wounds Diomedes; Achilles has Patroclus enquire about the fight’s progress; Nestor begs for the Myrmidons.
* Book XII: Led by Hector, the Trojans breach the Greek camp walls.
* Book XIII: Contravening Zeus’s order, Poseidon rallies the Greeks.
* Book XIV: With the “Deception of Zeus”, Hera helps Poseidon assist the Greeks to repel the Trojans; Hector is wounded.
* Book XV: Zeus stops Poseidon; Apollo rouses Hector set the Greek ships afire.
* Book XVI: Achilles orders Patroclus (dressed in Achilles’s armour), to repel the Trojans; he kills Sarpedon; Hector kills Patroclus.
* Book XVII: Hector strips Patroclus of Achilles’s armour; Menelaus and the Greeks recover Patroculus’s corpse. (books XVI and XII constitute the “Patrocleia”).
* Book XVIII: Achilles seeks to avenge Patroclus; Hephaestus forges a new “Shield of Achilles”.
* Book XIX: Agamemnon and Achilles reconcile; he joins battle, despite his deadly fate.
* Book XX: The gods join the battle; Achilles drives all the Trojans before him.
* Book XXI: Achilles routs the Trojans, and battles the river Scamander; Ares leads him astray.
* Book XXII: Achilles kills Hector outside the walls of Troy, dragging the corpse to the Greek camp. [7]
* Book XXIII: Funereal games celebrate Patroclus; twelve Trojan youths are burned with the corpse.
* Book XXIV: King Priam secretly enters the Greek camp, begging Achilles for Hector’s corpse, who consents; at the funeral pyre, Helen and Andromache comment upon the war. : full source reference

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