Gay Rights

I feel that gay rights should NOT be prohibited. As long as a couple is happy together and capable of dealing with some of the public humiliation that will take place, then they should be able to be with each other without breaking the law. Did you know that in the state of Wisconsin it is illegal for a gay couple to leave the state, get married and come back. If they were to do this and get caught, there is a major fine and a chance of going to jail because it is against the law. These gay couples now exactly what they are getting themselves into and they have strugled with telling people they are gay almost all there life, and they don't need people telling them they are wrong or that they are making a bad chioce. By telling these gay citizens that they are dumb or stupid, or some how different from everyone else is basically say that they aren't allowed to be happy or be in a relationship. (((((FINISH)))))

What do you think about gay rights. Please Comment. NO inappropriate comments.

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