Task 1 - Day 1: Create User Profile

Your first task will be to update your profile and to experiment with the formatting of this site before we begin the project.

Please click "Site members" on the left hand menu of this page to browse the profiles that your classmates have created.

STEPS - Click "my account" in the top right hand corner
1.) You must upload a photograph of an object or place that is important to you as your avatar (which is basically just the picture that someone will see when you contribute to the page or they click on your profile). TO DO THIS, YOU MUST CLICK "USER INFO" IN THE LEFT MENU IN "MYACCOUNT." Then click add buddy icon or avatar.

2.) You will then copy and paste the questions below into "EDIT USER INFORMATION ABOUT MYSELF" and provide your best answers. Remember that no information put on the internet is guaranteed to be private, so list only your first name (or your first name, plus an initial) and do not provide any information about your location.

3.) Experiment with the formatting tools at the top of the page. In order to receive the full 10 points today, you must use at least three of these tools in your profile (bold, italics, headlines, underlines, etc…).

4.) When you have finished creating your profile, please browse the profiles of other site members.

User Profile Questions (copy and paste into the editing tool on the "my account" and "my profile" page, into the second option on the list)
Your first name:
The last book I read was:
The last song I listened to was:
This summer, I will:
In 20 years, when you ask me to describe my 8th grade year, I will most likely remember…:

The best word(s) or phrase(s) to describe me is:
Favorite movie(s):
Favorite TV show(s):
My hero(es):
If I could live anywhere, it would be:
My dream job(s):
What else you should know about me:

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