Christmas Eve

The sweet smell of warm hot chocolate woke me from a long winter night. The cold breeze froze my window. Through the fog, I could see the fluffy snow man I had made yesterday. I snuck out of my room and flowed down the hall to the huge Christmas tree that smelled of ginger spices. I loved this time of year. As I eyed the bright red packages underneath the prickly pine tree I wondered what I’d get. Waiting and waiting for someone to wake, I fell to the ground. I noticed packages wrapped in red tinsel. I touched the smooth wrapping paper. No, I can’t open them. It’s not right. But my mind was made up. I started to rip the edges. I took a short peek to see if there was anyone that had followed me out to the living room, which woke from the sweet smell of hot chocolate. As I looked around my shoulder, I knew this was the end. I had been caught.

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