Careers that Involve Writing

Every job needs writing. How else are waiters going to fill orders? or Poliemen going to make articles? Of course there are the obvious, Journalist, Author, etc. But what if those don't appeal? If you don't know the jobs available, how will you know what you want to be? Here's a list:

Critiquing: Write for newspapers or magazines about restaurants, movies and more.
A good website is

for writing jobs that are environmentally friendly, go to

Write for a blog. People need qualified writers to write articles on their website. This would still make you a journalist, but you might be seen furthur than the local paper.

Writing for technical manuals: Not exactly an exciting job, but hey, if you like technology it would probably pay well.

You could edit someone elses work, make a good living, and get a sneak peek from a favorite author's new book.

Remember, being a good writer is important for every job you could get. In fact, for a lot of jobs, bosses consider how well they write before much else. These are just naming a few jobs that might be considered when thinking about a career.

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