books I HATE!!!-Savannah

It is very rare for me to hate a book. But when the time comes that a book is truly hatable, I despise it with a livid passion. Of course, exaggeration is one of the specialties that I boast, but in these cases I'm not being dramatic.



Oh, my God. What is wrong with Jack London? I (and several others) were forced to read this 3 TIMES through school. I wish I was kidding. The basic plot of this novel is that a dog named Buck is taken from the lap of luxury in California and brought to Alaska to be a sled dog. (if you're actually planning on reading this hideous book, don't read the next part) After his first owner dies, and second owner breaks through the ice (and dies), Buck actually goes to an owner that likes him. When Buck finally gets used to his life and is, oh what's the word, HAPPY, that owner dies because Indians shot arrows at him (the Indians were swiftly ripped apart by Buck). I don't care if this book was realistic, I HATE it because it's disgusting with all the death and gory details. I would NOT recommend this book to ANYONE! Plus, during the parts that aren't bloody and gross, all they talk about is how much Buck misses the dog-friends that were killed by other dogs.

Book 2. Where the Red Fern Grows

In fifth grade, several students were forced to read this terrible, terrible book. Some of you may know that this book is about a boy named Billy who wants to get his own coon hound so badly, that he works for over a year to get enough money. Inspirational, right? NO! If you did hear this part of the story, notice the parts they left out. That brief summary only lasts through the first couple chapters. After that, Billy walks for miles and days (doesn't that sound like a grandparent story?) just to get to the town that has the dog's he was going to buy. Billy gets beaten up by other kids in that town for being poor. Then, on the way home, he encounters a freaking mountain lion. Past that point the book just gets worse. All that Billy talks about is COON HUNTING!! I now know more about coons that I ever felt a need to. Natalie and I created a new title to describe the pain we felt while reading this awful novel, "Where the Red Fern Snores". (SPOILER ALERT) Even after hundreds of coons are killed and everythings good, the dogs and Billy go hunting and a freak occurence happens that makes "Old Dan" die of blood loss. From suffering from such emotional toll, "Little Ann" dies too. We all saw it coming. In my opinion, this book couldn't end soon enough. It was a chore to read and I would steer clear of it.


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