Ways to get published
Have you ever needed help getting inspired when your writing a story or poem? Have you ever felt like you could never get published? It turns out that there are many ways to show off your work to the world. One way is to submit it to websites like Teen Ink. They could show your work in their magazine, or on the website. Another site is Teen Central, just submit your story online and you might be posted. Plus, you can make it anonymous if you so chose. Some other great places to go include…


Teen voices

Merlyn's Pen

Skipping Stones

Frodo's Notebook

You could also submit your ideas to Chicken Soup for the Soul at [http://www.chickensoup.com]. They could always make another teen book.

A good book to read about showing your works is A Teen's Guide to Getting Published. Available at Amazon.com

I apologize for the fact that most of these websites are pretty much focused on girls. I tried but there aren't many guy-oriented websites.

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