Apollo ~ The Roman (Also Greek) god of Sun and Music


Apollo, the god son of Zeus and Leto, carries his lyre represented by the symbol of the egg of creation. This god is the god of the sun and music, as well as being associated with archery, medicine, law, philosphy and the arts. He is among the most important Olympian gods, being twin to Artemis. He is considered the "ideal" for manly beauty. Apollo replaced the god Tital Helios as the god of sun. This mortal medical healer was said to be able to heal wounds, and bring the dead back to life. After his death, Aesculapius became the new god and fulfilled Apollo's duties, but instead of holding a lyre holds a snake. Apollo is not only used in mythology, but was also used in the American space program in the 1960's. This shows how the God Apollo affects us today.

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