Annotated Poetry By Famous Authors

Small Comfort-Katha Pollit

I, Too, Sing America -a poem by Langston Hughes

Love Song-Carol Muske-Dukes

Football -Louis Jenkins

I Played a Game-Kenn Nesbitt

October -Louise Gl├╝ck

Patience -Kay Ryan

A Dream Within A Dream -Edgar Allan Poe

Where the sidewalk ends-Shel Silverstein

The Death of the Hired Man- Robert Frost

Timely Enumerations Concerning Sri Lanka-Oliver Rice

Man and Camel - Mark Strand

Blood - by Naomi Shihab Nye

Numbers- Mary Cornish

I, Too, Sing America -Langston Hughes

Hades' Pitch - Rita Dove

Clooney the Clown -Shel Silverstein

A Red Palm - Gary Soto

Daddy-Sylvia Plath

Introduction to Poetry - Billy Collins

One inch tall

Secret History- Charles Simic

Where The Sidewalk Ends- Shel Silverstein

Let Evening come- Jane Kenyon

Fishing on the Susquehanna in July- Billy Collins

Edgar Allan Pow



Fat is Not a Fairy Tale -Jane Yolen

A Red Palm

Mithing Tooth-Kenn Nesbitt

Ox Cart Man

Some Days- Billy Collins

Pigeons at Dawn-Charles Simic

Blood-Naomi Shihab Nye

Late September-Charles Simic

Vacation-Rita Dove

Snow -David Berman

A Dream Within a Dream

Riddle - Elizabeth Spires

Caboose Thoughts-Carl Sandburg

Relearning Winter - Mark Svenvold

The summer I was sixteen

The Giving Tree -Sheldon Allan Silverstein

The Daffodils by William Wordsworth -Maddy W.

the pheonix and the turtle

Contraditions-Rudyard Kipling

The Golden Years-Billy Collins

Nelson, My Dog-Gary Soto-Kate D

Remora, Remora- Thomas Lux

Diary (Surface) by Rachel Zucker-Rachel G.

The Cord-Scott

Dot By Clayton Eshleman-John

I, Too, Sing America-by Langston Hughes

There is another sky by Emily Dickinson-Tate

The Player Queen - Paul

A Life-Poem by Sylvia Plath- Ryan McCoy

My Nose-Gabriel Lieberman- Ashley

The lovers of the Poor -Brenna

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