Add Features or Create New Subject Page

Thursday, May 21, 2009 (DAY 4)

Task 4.1

First, all students must finish Day 1-3. If you are finished and are in 1st or 3rd hour, I ask you to pair up with someone who is behind at the beginning of class and help to explain features until everyone is caught up.

Task 4.2

Today, you will expand the page that you created yesterday OR create a page on a second topic from your list.

This page will need to have at least one new feature that you have not yet used on any of your pages (quotes, bibliography, footnotes, poll, etc…). Please see embedding or syntax for more information if you are interested in using features that are not included on your editing toolbar! You will receive additional points for additional features.

If you create a new page on a second topic, I expect it to contain a definition/explanation, a picture, and at least FIVE links to related websites. If you would like to add another page to a different unit, you are more than welcome to do this.

If you expand yesterday's page, I will be looking for more information (categories and content determined by you), a total of five links, OR additional features, such as polls or comment sections that we will not have time to fully cover in class.

Remember, the goal of your pages are to educate classmates or future 8th graders about topics in this unit.

This will also help me to see what you think is important or interesting and how much you learned this year in class and on your own.

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