Create New Page In Unit

Task 2 (3.2)

Today you will learn how to create your own page, add a picture to that page, and insert a link.
You will create a page on one of the topics within your topic that you brainstormed yesterday. (Example: “Who is John Proctor?” “Writing Contests” “Indian Reservations in Wisconsin,” etc…)

Max's Minotaur Page

This page will need to have:

1.) A definition or description paragraph.
2.) At least one picture that relates to the topic.
3.) At least one link to someone else’s site that gives more information about any of the topics on your page.

To do this, you will go to your unit page (ex: mythology, “The Crucible,” etc…) and click the button in the editor that simply says “page link.” You will type in the name of your new page. Then you will save, cancel, and return to the main unit page. You have created a link to a page that does not yet exist. Click on your “dead” link, then click on “create page.” This is your new page.

Challenge: Add additional features to the page, including polls, videos, or other gadgets. You can find links to handbooks and how-to manuals at the bottom of “my account.”

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